2019 IAC Program Highlights
2019 IAC Program Highlights
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Academic Integrity
2019 IAC Program has strict and specific requirements about academic integrity. All students are expected to present their own contribution in homework, assignments, exams and other forms of assessments. Any kind of academic dishonesty will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the program. 

Attendance Policy
IAC Program has Attendance Policy to ensure students’ learning outcomes during the intensive summer session. Occasionally, a student may miss a class due to illness or other unavoidable circumstances. The Attendance Policy states that absent students must ask for a leave in advance, and a medical certificate or other official document must be excused. Any unexcused absences can impact the student’s grade, and students who miss more than 1/3 of the classes will automatically fail the course. 

Extracurricular Activities
Besides the intensive classes, IAC Program also organized various extracurricular activities including theme parties, cultural exploration, enterprise visiting and guest speaking. The program aims to present China’s rapid economic development and rich culture, thereby equipping students with soft skills.
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