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Located at the center of the mainland’s coastline, Shanghai has long been a major hub of communications, transportation and international exchange. The municipality covers an area of 6,341 square kilometers and has a population of more than 24.18 million. Shanghai is China’s largest economic comprehensive industrial and a famous historical and cultural city. 

• Oriental Pearl Tower
The 468m-tower is the fourth highest TV tower in Asia and the sixth highest in the world. When viewed from the Bund, accompanied with Nanpu and Yangpu bridges, the tower creates a vivid imagery known as ‘two dragons playing with a peal’.

• The Expo Museum:
The 2010 Expo Museum serves as a knowledge base about the Expo and the world’s latest inventions and innovations. The 20,000-square-meter museum so far includes the animation film of ‘Along the Riverside During the Qingming Festival’, a concept vehicle powered by wind and solar energy at the SAIC-GM Pavilion, and Miguelin, a 6.5-meter-high, computer-animated doll at the Spain Pavilion.

• Disneyland
Shanghai Disneyland Park, located inside the Disney Resort in Chuansha New Town of Pudong New Area, has been open since June 16th, 2016. As the sixth in the world and the first in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland Park is consist of seven theme attractions and creates many records among the existing Disneyland. 

• Town God’s Temple:
Chenghuangmiao area now has development into a shopping mall, which is popular among travelers. Various kinds of shops such as clothing shops, top shops and travel souvenir shops are spread here and there. You will get Chinese handicrafts, exclusive gifts, wonderful souvenirs and various other exquisite items in these shops.

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