IAC (International Academic Camp) is dedicated to building an educational platform for academic exchange and communication. As a pioneering education institution offering high quality courses, IAC aspires to delivering pedagogical journey for international students. 

•  Theme Parties
In order to help students from all over the world to adapt to the new environment, make new friends and show their real selves, theme parties will be organized during 2019 IAC program.

•  Cultural Exploration
IAC Program provides an exciting calendar of extra-curricular activities, which aims to equip students with an in-depth understanding of Chinese cultural and Chinese community. 

•  Enterprise Visiting
Enterprise visiting allows students to learn about grasp of different industries in terms of working environments, business objectives and competitive advantages.
Company site visits provide students a chance to see different industries and work environments, to meet and network with executives and professionals, and to talk to HR managers and recruiters within an organization.

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