About IAC
About IAC

IAC (International Academic Camp) is dedicated to building an educational platform for academic exchange and communication. As a pioneering education institution offering high quality courses, IAC aspires to delivering pedagogical journey for international students. 

•  Acquire an International Outlook
In long-term collaboration with leading universities around the world, IAC is deeply committed to cooperation on higher education and cross-cultural understandings. As a mechanism that pushes society forward, IAC aims to equip future leaders with global competitive awareness and on inspiring them in exploring their position in the globalized world.

•  World-Class Teaching Faculty
IAC upholds academic integrity in order to offer high quality, diverse and intercultural courses for international students. All courses strictly adhere to the highest standards of academic excellence with prestigious and renowned professors hailing from top universities worldwide. The quality of teaching and academic performances manages to win the unanimous recognition from domestic and foreign institutions, educators and university students.

•  Expand Social Networks
IAC strives to create a pool of international talents and resources and warmly welcome young scholars from different universities and professional backgrounds. Enrolled students are strongly encouraged to meet excellent peers and enhance the friendship among IAC alumni by participating in a wide range of social and cultural activities, including corporation visits, career development seminars and cultural experience. 

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